Nota Share Market Pune
Nota Share Market Pune
Nota Share Market Pune

Courses at Nota Share Market Pune

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Objective Keep ourself away from crowd and align in a direction of Big Player. Keep ourself away from crowd and align in a direction of Big Player. Compunding Wealth & Excellence
Success gateway to financial freedom Daily or Weekly income through Swing Trading strategy. Minimise Risk & Maximise Reward
Equity market and Derivative market know how's Art of long term wealth creation in equity using technical trend analysis Elliot Wave Theory
Trade with trend as trend is your friend Role of breakouts in wealth creation Mock Trading Practice
Identifying dark horse equity stocks and ride on rallies using Technical Analysis. Wealth creation by Future Rollover Weekly Exercise
Sailing freely in Bull and Bear waves of stock market sea and sipping profits using Future and Option. Monthly rental income from Portfolio Live Trading Room
Price action as a warning bell for major rise and fall before it takes place. Locking profit in Bullish and Bearish Market with minimum risk Full Day Workshops
Path finder dominance between demand and supply Protecting Portfolio with minimum risk Candlstick Patterns
KISS Principle to free from complexity trap of number of junk indicators and candle stick patterns Great opportunities in High Volatile Market Leading Indicators
Mind Management for investor and trader to overcome greed, anxiety and fear Powerpack Capsules to become successful trader Lagging Indicators
Power of discipline and commitment Importance of Quality over Quantity Fundamental Analysis
Mastery and command on simple, powerful and proven technique of SMA Control emotions or emotions will control you. Option Greeks
Defining rules for right entry and right exit Incorporating disciplined mindset Gann Theory
Need of financial planning as a prerequisite Preparing and implementing Excel programs for strategies False Signals
Easy chart type for getting support and resistance levels Solid risk management FNO Strategy Designing
Bull power to break resistance and Bear power to break support Multimillionaire Master plan Advance Technical Analysis
Risk management if market goes opposite to prediction Practically proven formula for Buy and Sell decisions Knack of Money management Full Practical Exercises
Practical technical exercise to gain confidence Portfolio heath check up Test Series
    Developing Character & Habits
    Incorporating Discipline, Practice
    Overcoming Fear, Anger, Emotions
    Market Millionaire Mind set
    Creative Strategies
    Research Team Membership
    Complete Financial Plan
DURATION : 2 Days Full time. 2 Days Full time. One Year (Scheduled Dates)
INVESTMENT: Rs25000/- (Twenty five Thousand Rupees Only) Rs35000/- (Thirty five Thousand Rupees Only) Rs6,00,000/- (Six lakh Rupees Only)
DISCOUNT : As Per Scheme As Per Scheme As Per Scheme
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